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Minutes of the OpenGPU Workshop - HiPEAC2012

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HiPEAC2012 was an international conference arround High-Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilers.

It held from January 23 to 25th 2012 in Paris, France.

The conference registered arround 500 participants from 37 countries. The OpenGPU workshop took place into the conference for 2 days. The conference was crowded and for this workshop, the audience was in the range of 50 people.

The main goal of this workshop was to get some insights of GPU programming and go a step further with new innovations like the HP Exaflopic vision.



Making GPGPU easier with OpenCL C++ and a flexible architecture
AMD (Lee Howes, Ben Gaster)
Prospective vision for the HPC
HP (Patrick Demichel)
The Moonshot project (ARM servers)
HP (Patrick Demichel)
optimizing code for GPUs with PGI directives (part of OpenACC)
nVidia (Timothy Lanfear)
Programming Heterogeneous Many-cores Using Directives
CAPS (François Bodin)
Experiments with Spoc
LIP6 (Mathias Bourgoin)
Automatic OpenCL generation from sequential C programs with Par4All
HPC Project (Ronan Keryell)
Plugin Eclipse 4PAR4ALL
GPU and Power consumption
Supélec (Stéphane Vialle)
Benchmarks for the HPC GPU
Bull (Mathieu Dubois)
Real Time Random Number Testing on GPU
MassiveRand (Eric Mahé)
GPGPU atmospheric fluid dynamics : SME's point of view and benchmarks

related video

Numtech (Vivien Clauzon)
Domain decomposition method on GPU architecture
ECP (Frédéric Magoulès)
Metaprof : a large scale clustering application with the CCRT Curie HPC
on metagenomic data
INRA & AS+ (Dany Tello AS+,
Fouad Boumezbeur INRA)
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