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Kickoff OpenGPU Project - 2010/03/25

OpenGPU project Kickoff
Aristote Seminar March 25, 2010

In partnership with the non-profit organization Aristote, the official launch of the OpenGPU project took place at the premises of  Ecole Polytechnique on the 25 March 2010 and was attended by over 120 people. All the partners involved in this project covered its main objectives: a chain of parallelization  tools based on the OpenCL standard, a reference architecture aiming at measuring the performances and consumptions of the  optimized calculations and set of industry codes allowing the project to rely on real use cases. Creating an active community around the theme of parallelization, in collaboration with Ter@tec, is also part of the OpenGPU's objectives. It is within this context that the first training on GPU architectures, held at Jussieu April 5, 2010,  welcome 35 participants joined by students from EPITA and development managers for IGN and  Ecole Polytechnique.

All presentations of this day dedicated to hybrid computing are available at this page.


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